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Updated: May 9, 2020

Being part of a club has always existed in the United States. The concept is simple: people united by the same passion meet regularly in a place that they privatize to exchange about it. The highly exclusive meetings of this typically North American fashion have now been democratized: hunting club, fishing club, philately club... and of course the Boat Clubs are developing in Florida and charm more and more new enthusiasts.

Different from yacht clubs or sailing clubs, Boat Clubs copy a family model and intend to be the rallying point for hundreds of boat clubbers, united by their love of boats and the sea, who together form a huge community. This community shares ownership of fleets that include pleasure boats, motorboats, and sailboats to which membership gives almost unlimited access. But what characterizes the Boat Clubs is their social and friendly dimension. Conferences, boat shows, inaugurations, parties... Many events are held throughout the year for Boat Club members; they all meet regularly and create real bonds of friendship.

The Boat Club (or Boat Membership) gives you access to any type of boat without the inconvenience!

Joining a Boat Club has many advantages, but saving time and money is one of the main ones. Not every sailing enthusiast is able to buy their own boat. Maintenance, changing parts, painting, mooring, storage, moving, shipping costs... The constraints are numerous and often prohibitive. The Boat Clubs give you access to any type of boat without the inconvenience! Motorboats, semi-rigid boats, fishing boats, pleasure boats... The Boat Club to which you belong covers the costs of boat maintenance and storage and provides you with the boat of your choice when you want it! A great way to rent a boat to organize a sea trip with your family or friends on a whim, without the worries of using a private boat. In addition, the Boat Clubs offer sailing lessons, refresher courses and even the possibility of taking your boating license if you are born before 1988!

Joining a Boat Club in Miami: the practical and economical alternative for pleasure boat enthusiasts

Aquarius Boat Rental is happy to offer Boat Memberships and Miami Boat Club as part of its services.

It replaces perfectly your occasional boat tour or boat rental on Miami's bay. It's like owning a boat without any downsides. We take care of the boat, and you use it when you need it.

Just like you share your Netflix plan, you can share your boat membership with up to 8 people!

Moreover, we offer South Floridian sailors and fishermen the opportunity to share their passion for boating with the whole world and a solid local community. Cheaper than buying a boat, more practical than renting a boat, the Boat Club is the perfect alternative for a successful and relaxed sea trip!

Getting a boat club membership is cost-efficient for locals who rent a boat at least once every two months. Discover now all the advantages that Aquarius Boat Club has in store for you!

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