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Updated: May 9, 2020

When we sail and decide to anchor for the day or overnight, there are certain rules that apply so that everyone can have a good time.

Slow down If other boats are at anchor, slow down as you approach. Bow waves or engine noise can disturb your neighbors with noise or heeling.

Move away If possible, avoid getting stuck to the neighbors and stay away from other anchored boats. Be super careful if you anchor at a sand bar. In Miami, we have the Haulover sand bar and people have the bad habit to anchor very close from each other. This is dangerous and can damage permanently the boats as they can hit one another. Try to keep your distance to protect the people on your boat as well as your vessel.

Calculate the right anchorage length The length of your mooring line determines your turning radius and the size of the arc your boat will follow while underway.

If your mooring line is too long, you can enter the space reserved for your neighbors. A shorter turning radius is preferable if the wind or current changes.

Anchor from behind What could be more unpleasant than seeing someone drop anchor on your chain.

By raising his anchor, your neighbor will be able to chase your anchor away at the same time. Prefer to anchor from behind your boat, as your neighbor's anchor will rarely be behind him.

First come, first served When you have arrived after your neighbor, if your anchorage moves and your boat moves closer to another, it is up to you to make the necessary arrangements to move away.

Don't spy on others While it may be tempting to watch what happens on other people's boats, respect their privacy. You won't be able to enjoy being watched intensely, so do the same.

Keep the sea clean! This is the most important rule and it should be followed by all the boat lovers. Don't throw your garbage overboard and keep the mooring clean. That includes cigarette butts. It is never pleasant to swim in a sea full of garbage and rubbish and to poison the marine wildlife. Make sure you plan ahead and have some sealable trash bags you can discard when you hit the shores.

At Aquarius Boat Rental, we organize our famous "Clean the Bay Thursdays" with our dear volunteers and we go ahead and pick up the trash from Miami's Bay islands. It would be nice to find them clean for once.

Limit noise On the water, noises spread quickly. Do not turn the sound system on full, have giant parties in a quiet area and avoid children screaming and other arguments. Do not recharge the batteries by turning on the engine at any time of day. Be quiet, especially during sleeping hours.

Tie your halyards When it is windy, the halyards slap against the mast, which makes a lot of noise. Tie them so that they do not touch the mast.

Remember also that you don't have to use the engine of the annex at times that may disturb the neighbors. A little rowing is good for your health and for the planet.

Now that you are all set to become a well-educated boat lover, make sure to check out our boat club membership package or develop your new boating passion renting one of Aquarius Boat Rental's super cool boats.

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