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Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Free, nose to the wind, carried by the waves: many sailing enthusiasts are tempted to buy a boat rather than rent it. But is this a good financial calculation?

Whether they own a small boat or a yacht, all boaters have certain expenses. Boat slip, license plates, and insurance are part of the fixed costs. But the owner also pays for maintenance and fuel. The amount paid per year depends on many factors: the size of the boat, the model, the home port and the fuel used.

The total annual cost is however estimated at 10% of the value of the boat. For example, a boat worth $50,000 will require an annual payment of around $5,000. This sum divided by the number of outings gives the price of a day on the boat.

If the sailor takes the helm about fifteen times during the season, each trip costs him or her $333, not including fuel and extras on the water. The same calculation with a $100,000 boat brings the day's price up to $666. By way of comparison, a 5-seater boat usually costs more than $680 per day.

If the waiting lists are well-filled to obtain a slip - it takes several months - the authorities make every effort to remove the wrecks that litter the harbors.

It remains to be seen how often navigational enthusiasts take the helm. The season runs from December to August. The weather plays an important role for the sailors.

Then there are expenses to be amortized, such as the boating license and training. On average, school boat instructors charge $90 per hour.

The main investment remains the boat itself. Between the motorboat and the yacht, there is something for every budget. Owning your own boat is a dream come true for many sailing enthusiasts.

All in the same boat

Sharing with friends or family can be a solution to sail at a lower cost. Aquarius Boat Rental offers Boat Memberships that can be shared with up to 8 people.

It’s basically the fun of owning a boat without the inconvenience.

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