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Updated: May 9, 2020

You have just obtained your boating license or just learned that in Florida you can rent a boat if you are born before Jan. 1st 1988 and would like to move forward with your first boat rental in Miami? If some people are a little apprehensive about getting into the deep end, for others, all they want is to be on the water! Here is the advice of the owner of Aquarius Boat Rental for your first motorboat rental.

People who pass their boating license have usually no apprehension about renting. They want to be on the water right away.

And indeed, if we could think that being a very new license holder can put a brake on renting, this is not really the case. "Some people call us to rent a boat as soon as they get their boating license. If some of them are anxious, the urge to be on the water is stronger. All the newly licensed individuals want to overcome their apprehension to pilot someone else's boat." In order to get off to a good start, Aquarius Boat Rental recommends a few tips: Opt for a bowrider or a jetboat with little motorization Favor a bowrider or a jetboat of 17 to 21 ft and 70 to 200 horsepower, easier to handle than a pontoon or a catamaran". People are often self-confident and want to start bigger, but ideally, you should start small. "Manoeuvring is also easier and you don't have to go fast."

Check the different types of boats by visiting this website or and pick between our Sea Ray bowrider or our Yamaha Jetboat. Reassuring the passengers "Attendants are often more stressed than the driver. It can be nice to have the spouse or future chaperone follow the instructions to defuse the fear or encourage them to get their license as well." Properly prepare for navigation To prepare well for your boat day, Aquarius Boat Rental recommends that you check out where you would like to go and discuss the itinerary with your boat instructor before you weigh anchor. A good, reliable company should give a map and inform you of the shallow waters, manatees and seaweed areas. The boat rental company can also help the boat lovers prepare their itinerary by finding easily accessible islands, indicating points of interest, and so on. Remember it is not safe to "beach" the boats on Miami's Bay. Beaching means that instead of anchoring the boat a bit far from the shore, the driver "parks" the boat directly on the beach. This type of maneuver requires technical skills and usually boat rental companies in Miami forbid their clients to engage in this.

Rent a boat for 2 hours or half a day to start Start by sailing "small" and don't challenge yourself to cover a whole area on your first rental. Opt for half a day or even 2 hours, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with the boat and the elements. You can always extend your trip if the company has availabilities after your booking. Pay attention during the instructions For each rental, the boat rental company usually dispenses about 15-minute instructions to a neophyte. "The client inspects the boat before departure. We make him/her aware of the propellers and basics. We can also accompany him in his/her first maneuvers if necessary".

Furthermore, it is very important for the rest of the party not to distract the designated captain while he/she is receiving the instructions, he/she has a great responsibility in his/her hands: the safety of all passengers and the vessel. Take inventory on board In order to make the boat driver responsible, Aquarius Boat Rental asks him/her to carry out his/her own inventory, under supervision of course! "It's fundamental to check certain things on board, especially the safety equipment. We let him/her do it alone so he/she can see where things are stowed on board." Respecting the number of people on board It may seem logical, but it is important not to exceed the number of passengers allowed on board. "Children count as one person, not half, as is often heard."

Are you still scared? If yes, maybe you should consider renting a boat with a captain (or a skipper).

Rent a boat with or without a skipper? As we just reviewed the best boat rental tips, renting a boat without a skipper is still intimidating for some people, even though very enjoyable.

Renting a boat on your own on Miami's bay is definitely a fun activity that will involve every member of the family. Moreover, if the lack of privacy bothers you then this is a very good idea. However, it is important to get your boating license and get proper training before operating a boat to avoid unpleasant surprises.

A boat charter with a skipper (or boat tour) will give you time to better enjoy your boat day if you are not into the thrill of piloting. You and your party will be pampered by a thoughtful captain and you will be able to relax with no pressure whatsoever.

Everyone has different expectations when it comes to renting a boat. Whether it's for the hour or the full day, make sure to discuss your plan with the rental company or do your own research to find out what fits you the most.

Don't forget that we are here for you in case you need to know anything!

Last little advice, don't be stressed or scared, anybody can do it!

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