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Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Boating is a small world, everyone knows each other or has met each other before. But this small world does not always agree between them remains unanimous on a subject! His passion for sailing and boating in general. Here is a ranking of the 5 main reasons to be a boat enthusiast.

Reason n°1: it's all about fun and discovery

As the most scientists among you know, the Earth is 70% water. In addition, despite the technologies and nautical boats nowadays, there is still a lot of sea and oceans to be discovered and known. Whether it's a simple trip or a dive, the remaining marine discoveries are endless and very different. It only remains to play the Robinson Crusoe apprentice and go on an adventure.

So if you like to travel, discover and be amazed go ahead and think about bringing back beautiful memories ;)

Reason n°2: 0 competition, 100% sharing

The number of brands in water sports (from kayaking to sailing boats to water skiing) is huge. There are more and more start-ups, sharing sites and online exchanges being created. Samboat, Youboat ... All have only one vocation : sharing and good understanding. Go and take a stroll through the boat shows all over France and the world and you will see that there is no real competition in the world of boating. All the enthusiasts will help and advise you to the maximum. Let's take the Boat en Seine as an example. The Boat en seine is a boat show taking place at the beginning of June on the Seine in Paris. You can test different models of boats mainly semi-rigid and free of charge. The contact with the representatives is easy and always within the framework of sharing. Beyond the shows, at sea in case of difficulties and whatever your boat you will always find someone to help you or call the SNSM. Few people remain indifferent when faced with a yachtsman in distress or need. The sea is above all a space for sharing and mutual help.

Reason n°3: a very nice experience and the best transportation ever

Many of us love to travel, no matter what part of the world. We always leave with stars in our eyes and beautiful photos. However, having a nautical transport allows us to see the countries we visit from another perspective and sometimes even to sail to our desires between the islands (if there are any).

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