Get ready to embark on one of the best water experience you can have in Miami! With Aquarius Boat Rental, hop on your perfect private boat tour on the famous Miami's bay. Explore the bay with your expert captain and have the most fun with our safe and fun experiences.

Island party, sandbar cruise, historical and cultural tour, wildlife encounter: go wherever you want in the Bay!

Don't miss out on any sandbars, star houses, islands, canals, Oleta Park, Stitsville, Villa Vizcaya.

You are the boss! You tell your captain where you want to go and what type of experience you except and he/she will do exactly as you say. You are in charge of the vessel and we provide all the tools for you to have fun.

Our boat can have up to 6 people on board and it completely private. Your best boat party is about to begin!

Don't take the risk to ruin your vacation with a deposit charged for your boat rental. Leave the wheel to the pros and just focus on enjoying the moment, stress-free!




Departure any time until 5pm




Departure anytime until 2pm




Departure anytime until 4pm




Departure anytime until 1pm




Departure anytime until 3pm




Departure anytime until 11am



included with your boat tour

🚤 Wide 20' boat

🎁 Free 12' floating mat

🐒 Up to 6 people

🦄 Inflatables

 🎶 Sound system & Bluetooth

❄️ Cooler

🍴 Table



👩🏽‍✈️  Captain fee (from $35 per hour) to be paid at check-out

🚀 Gas: Fee of $25 per trip paid at check-out

💸 Tips & Gratuities

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Questions about boat tours in Miami?

What is included and what's not in my boat tour?


The boats are rented bareboat meaning that gas and captain are not included.

Gas is a flat fee of $20 per trip.

You are more than welcome to bring your own captain.

Otherwise, we will provide you with a list to choose from at your booking. The price starts at $30 per hour.


What do I have to pay extra for my boat party?

The gas flat fee and the Florida Sales Tax are charged at check-out.

The captain will be paid directly by you on the dock.

You can pay, cash, Venmo, Cash App, or PayPal.

If you would like to pay cash, please call to make your booking and provide a valid credit card.

We will charge you $100 for the booking and you can show up with the rest in cash.

Please kindly note that our staff doesn't carry change so we recommend you have the right amount in hand.


Am I allowed to go to sea or cruise to the Bahamas?


For bareboat charters in Miami (with or without a captain), going offshore is not allowed.

Our insurance does not cover our fleet outside the Biscayne Bay area.

Therefore, any trespasser will be charged a $200 fine if the boundaries are not respected.

Please kindly note that all our boats are equipped with GPS trackers for security purposes.

It is very dangerous to sail on the ocean with a small boat. We ask our dear clients to make the right decisions to protect their party and their integrity.


Do I need to share the boat with other people?


No, you don't, absolutely all our experiences are private, it will be only you and your group.

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Hours of operations:

Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm.

555 NE 15th Street, Miami FL 33132



Have boat tour or rental questions?

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