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Summer Girls


Aquarius Boat Tours is a family business that specializes in renting boats to locals and tourists in Miami. The values of our company are based on honesty, kindness, and punctuality. Passionate with boats but also attracted to good energies and positive vibes, we decided in 2019 to create our boat rental company for "nice people only". Because life is too short to live bad moments, we make sure that the time you spend with us will be memorable. We are also aware that our activity can have a negative impact on the environment so we give back by organizing a monthly beach clean-up for volunteers. We enjoy cleaning Miami Bay's islands and create a better habitat for the wildlife.

Our biggest dedication is to make you happy, we encourage beginners and empower experts. We chose to offer two different categories of boats to satisfy a broader number of people. We hope people will connect with our values and that we will keep welcoming such amazing guests!

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