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Prices start at $145 to rent a boat in Miami. Have the best time ever visiting Miami: Rent a boat with Aquarius Boat Rental.

Explore the wonders of the city of Miami thanks to our private and affordable boating experiences.

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Miami Sport Boat Rentals

From $145 gas included


Miami Luxury Boat Rentals

From $199 gas included,

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Everyone has different approaches when it comes to providing boating experiences. The team members at Aquarius Boat Rental have various areas of expertise and speak multiple languages in order to cover all of our clients’ expectations. Whether you’re planning to book an experience for work or leisure, we make the booking process easy and enjoyable and make sure you receive a 5-star service.

We have strong family values and we want to make sure our guests feel welcomed and loved the second they call for an appointment. We are also very concerned about our planet and the impact this type of business has on the ecosystem, this is why we are proud to progressively equip our fleet with solar panels, recycling beans and recyclable items. Moreover, we organize monthly island clean-ups to make sure to balance our impact in the long run. 

Book your appointment today and start boating!

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