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Yacht - Aquarius Boat Rental Best Boat T


Get the Yacht feel not breaking the bank

Enjoy an amazing tour on a 29-foot sport yacht! We just got this beauty and are excited to have you onboard.

4-hour boat tour, captain included:


8-hour boat tour, captain included:


best boat tours miami


Organize the coolest boat tour

Boat Party for up to 6 people and a 12' floating mat included with all boat tours.

2-hour boat tour:


4-hour boat tour:


Miami Boat Tour- fantastic sandbar


Cruise around Miami Bay

Discover the Bay like never before aboard a floating jewel. Ultra-luxury boating for up to 6 people.

3-hour boat tour:


4-hour boat tour:


Tubing in Miami With Aquarius Boat Rental


Best activity for kids in Miami!

Spice up your boat tour by booking

a tubing experience at check out.

Only with Fun Boat Tours.

Price per person


Discount for 4 tubings


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Aquarius Boat Rental & Tours offers the best Boat Parties in Miami and Miami Beach! Tour Miami by water 7 days a week. We provide the best boat tours with Captain!

Waters of Miami are capricious and Biscayne Bay can be dangerous if you are not an avid boater. Don't take the risk of taking a boat out on your own. Trust a licensed boat captain to guide you during your boat experience. You will have nothing to worry about. The Captain is your employee and private chauffeur for boating throughout the waters of Miami and Miami Beach. Indicate where you want to go or follow his professional advice and relax while you are doing the best boating activity Miami has to offer. Our tours are always private!

You will sign a bareboat charter agreement and will select your captain from our list.

The captain needs to be paid directly on the dock from the day of the booking. Tour Prices start at $30 per hour.

Booze cruises, Island Parties, Celebrity Tours, Boat Rides, Bachelorette Parties, Sandbar Cruises, you name it! 

Ever dreamt to fly? Book an unforgettable boat tour and finish with a Flyboard session.

Need inspiration for your itinerary? Check out our boat tour routes: here!

Anything happening on the water in Miami? Aquarius is part of it!

Party Boat Miami


Included with this boat

🎁  12' floating mat

🐒  Up to 6 people onboard

🦄  Optional Tubing

 🎶 Sound system & Bluetooth

❄️ Cooler

🍴 Table


2 hours from:


Miami Beach Boat Tour - Aquarius Boat rentals


Included with this boat

🎁 Brand new boat

🐒  Up to 6 people onboard

🦄 Inflatables and floating mat

 🎶 Sound system & Bluetooth

❄️ Cooler

☸️ Optional Boating Lesson


3 hours from:


Book Tour


Included with this boat

🎁  29-foot sport yacht

🐒  Up to 8 people onboard

🦄 10' floating mat

 🎶 Sound system & Bluetooth

❄️ Cooler

☸️ Sunbed and Table


3 hours from:



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Tour Miami by water with no preset routes. Explore and experience your way!
Flat fee pricing for boat rental tours.
Miami Tours by professional boat operators.




You decide what you want to do! No set tours, no imposed route. Boat captain is your private chauffeur.

Fuel is included in the price as a $25 fee on top of the displayed price. No bad surprise at the gas pump!

Choose from our list of super qualified boat operators. Not included in the price and pay on the dock: from $35/h

who is Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours and what we do

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Richer Moments = Richer Life

Everyone has different approaches when it comes to providing boating experiences. The team members at Aquarius Boat Rental have various areas of expertise and speak multiple languages in order to cover all of our clients’ expectations. Whether you’re planning to book a boating experience for work or leisure, we make the boat booking process easy and enjoyable. We always strive to make sure you receive 5-star service. We have strong family values and we want to make sure our guests feel welcomed and loved the second they call for an appointment. We are also very concerned about our planet and the impact this type of business has on the ecosystem, this is why we are proud to progressively equip our fleet with solar panels, recycling beans and recyclable items. Moreover, we organize monthly island clean-ups to make sure to balance our impact in the long run. 

Book your appointment with Aquarius Boat Rental and start boating!

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